Immigration Law

Galvis Law PLLC understand that an immigration matter has great impact on the livelihood of individuals and their family as often the immigration system alone will not work to your advantage. Your current immigration status and the possibility to remain in the U.S. depend on having representation from the beginning. Galvis Law PLLC fight for your best interest throughout the process whether that means serving as your advocate in Immigration Court, on a case of removal or deportation, or filing an application or petition with Immigration Services such as a family based petition and naturalization petitions.

Family Law

Family Law encompasses all issues involved in the context related to family. Galvis Law PLLC., can assist with divorce, child custody and child support issues, international divorces or foreign decrees, in addition to Adoptions, Guardianships and false accusations of abuse which can lead to criminal charges. One reason for hiring an attorney is to make sure your assets and children are protected and the marriage is properly ended. Our Firm is able to assist you in every aspect of a Divorce case, including Collaborative methods. Family Law includes juvenile law, and dealings with the Department of Human Services.

Criminal Defense

Galvis Law PLLC provides a vigorous criminal defense when you or a loved one are facing investigation, arrest, trial, or jail time in Arkansas and you need an aggressive criminal defense plan. Immigrants are greatly affected by a guilty plea of a "significant misdemeanor" and they must be fully explained of the immigration consequences of their plea. We provide legal representation for those affected by Arkansas law enforcement and we are able to handle virtually every aspect of a criminal matter, from getting someone out of jail on the initial arrest, representation for the charge, and post-charge sealing or clearing of the record.

Civil Litigation

Whether you are a Plaintiff or a Defendant in a civil litigation, diligent planning and preparation to achieve the best possible resolution for our clients is necessary. Galvis Law PLLC is a firm with experience in representing clients in contractual disputes including collections, construction litigation, and insurance coverage disputes. Business torts seek to compensate businesses or an individual who have suffered damages because of fraud or misrepresentation or interference of contractual relations. If you are injured on the job or in an accident Galvis Law PLLC can assist to effective negotiation of a settlement that often requires innovative approaches to present to judges or juries.


As a certified mediator by the Supreme Court of Arkansas, Angela Galvis Schnuerle can provide bi-lingual mediation services. With the language ability and deep cultural understanding, Galvis Law PLLC can offer an efficient alternative to clients who are willing to mediate disputes and have the opportunity to settle their case without litigation. Mediation is an alternative in every area of the law.